Contact us

If you encountered any errors, having trouble configuring an integration, want to request a new feature or an entire integration to be added to our roster or just want to give us your feedback, please email us at or use the form below:

    Integration-specific issues

    Cardin Add-on has advanced error handling for each integration (invalid account names, user credentials, inactive accounts or connection-related issues) and will display relevant prompts and provide you with helpful actions where available.

    To get detailed info on available cases, please, visit the “Debug” section of the integration

    Common issues

    «Unparsed content» section or «Connector error» prompt is displayed (Webhooks)

    Webhook Connector is an advanced feature and while we try to predict and handle as many incorrect section and widget configurations as possible, if there is a typo in the JSON payload you send to the Add-on or if you try to create an unsupported type of widget, everything before the error will be parsed and the rest displayed under the «Unparsed content» section:

    Check your JSON object schema starting from the part displayed first in the «Unparsed content» widget. If there was anything specific about the error, you will see a relevant prompt at the top of the section:

    «Authorize access» prompt is displayed in a loop

    You might experience this issue when reinstalling Cardin for Gmail directly from the Add-ons sidebar or «Add-ons» settings tab of your Gmail client. We assume this issue to be platform related and kindly ask you to contact us as soon as possible if encountered.

    The only solution known to us currently is to have patience, the issue should resolve itself after 20 to 30 minutes since install.