Native Email add-on vs. CRM Inbox Functionality

Many CRM vendors, including several of our existing reference integrations like Pipedrive and Close, build email clients directly into their platform, and we like this approach.  However, we’ve found the Gmail inbox approach is preferred for the following reasons:


They live in Gmail and want to stay there; often, these are people with labels/rules set-up to manage their inbox and who rely on snooze functionality and the various other continuously-improving features.

All-In-One experience

If they need access to other add-ons (e.g. sales enablement tools, contract esignature, etc) then they need to use Gmail if they want a one-stop-shop inbox experience.


Gmail Add-ons work on Gmail mobile apps (just Android now, but iOS is in beta), and for most outbound sales folks, this is where they read the majority of their email.

Native CRM inbox implementations are not going away, but nor are best-in-class email clients like Gmail and Outlook; there will always be a demand to draw top email-centric productivity apps to the side-bar in the form of well-designed add-ons. Cardinsoft makes it easy for cloud application vendors to add this functionality, quickly and cost-effectively.