Keela for Gmail

Keela for Gmail

Keela for Gmail allows you to easily view and edit contacts from Keela while browsing your email by providing useful insights about the currently open email and querying your account for matching contacts.

Core Features

Welcome screen

It is critical for a good first user experience to explain briefly what the add-on is, and what it is supposed to do, before the user has even configured anything.

Keela for Gmail features a simple and intuitive onboarding experience – just grab the key from the account and you are all set.


All settings are contained in a single card which can be configured at setup and accessed later from the menu.

As you can choose the highlights shown in the Add-on directly in your account, the screen is dead simple.


Display matching contacts

If a contact matches sender’s or primary recipient’s email address highlights of the contact will be shown in the sidebar.

Add new

If no matching contacts are found, you will be prompted to create one in the account


Invalid key

If you provided an invalid key or lost access to your account, the Add-on will promptly notify you and provide with helpful tips on how to proceed.

Critical Issue

If something goes irreparably wrong, the Add-on will ask you to contact support ( you can also try resetting first ).

Terms of Service

Please find our Terms of Service on the dedicated page and Keela’s on

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy is available here. Keela’s policy can be found on