Integrate with Zendesk Sell

Zendesk Sell is a sales force automation software designed to make sales as frictionless as possible with advanced visualization tools, smart activities management and integrated customer support.

With Cardin for Gmail Connector for Zendesk Sell you can access and edit all of the CRM details related to the currently open email, including deals and activities, without leaving your inbox!

What can the integration do?


Choose name

After choosing Zendesk Sell as the Connector type, a configuration screen will be displayed allowing you to customize its name, actions to perform and advanced options.

Choose actions

By default, the Connector will query your account for both deals and activities assigned to the matched contact.

If you have too many, and prefer not to be overwhelmed, or simply don't want to display either of these things, you can switch these options off anytime.

Customize advanced options

Finally, you can customize how the Connector behaves by setting it to be invoked manually (can be useful with multiple accounts), or to run by default.

If you choose to display the Connector by default, your Zendesk Sell Connector will always display results directly in the dashboard when you open an email!


To authorize the Connector to access your data, you can complete the OAuth 2.0 flow anytime – you'll only need to review and give Cardin permissions to perform actions on your behalf. We only ask for the following rights:

readGrant read-only access to all your data, except for the account and user info.

As you can authorize multiple accounts, the authorization action becomes available only after the Connector is created.

Use multiple accounts

Multiple accounts are supported simultaneously. Each configured Connector that is not set to run by default is placed in a list of Connectors with a label on the right that indicates its state:

founda contact matched contextual info
no datano contacts matched contextual info
manualthe Connector will be run only after click
loginyou need to authorize the Connector
erroran error occurred
Please note that informational labels other than "manual" are only shown on Connectors set to run automatically!

Display | No contacts

When an email is opened, the Add-on searches your account for records that match the sender's email address and, if no records are found, displays a relevant prompt and a list of possible actions (if available), such as adding a new contact based on this email address (opens contacts list in Sell)

The Connector will search & display info only if it was set to load by default or is explicitly clicked upon (if set to manual)!

Display | Contact info

If a match is found in your contact's collection, a display screen will be loaded containing several sections, the first one containing multiple subsections presenting the contact info.

The first subsection shows the contact's name and email, as well as website (if provided).

The second subsection contains contact's phone numbers (they will only be shown if they are assigned in the contact record).

The third subsection contains the contact's mailing addresses, each distinctively marked. The subsection will be skipped entirely if no addresses are assigned.

The last subsection contains creation and edit dates, and also allows you to click to open the contact edit form directly in Sell.

The employment section contains basic job info for the matched contact, including industry and job position.

The last section with contact info contains contact description and social account references assigned in Sell (clicking on each widget, except for Skype, will open a corresponding social account page).

Display | Deals

If deals display is enabled, Cardin will query your account for deals associated with the matched contact and display detailed info on each with useful labels like "hot" status, win likelihood or current deal stage.

Currently, every deal display includes general info, participant company, value and currency of the deal, its source and estimated closure date and time (if provided).

Every deal can be opened for edit in Sell

Display | Activities

Finally, if activities display is switched on, Cardin will query and display general info, due date (if pending) and a summary, as well as a label indicating failed task or missed call.


After the Connector is created, you are taken to the dashboard – if you run the Connector or if you chose to display it by default, you will be prompted to do so. The same happens if you lose access to your account at any point.