Less Annoying CRM

Integrate with Less Annoying CRM

Less Annoying CRM is designed to help small businesses to store and manage contact info (including associated notes, attachments, events and tasks) without being overwhelmed with features they don’t need and subscription plans they don’t have either the time to research or budget to afford.

With Cardin for Less Annoying CRM you can make the daily routine of contact lookup and management even less annoying – by simply staying in your inbox!

What can the integration do?


Choose name

After choosing LACRM as the type, you will be taken to a configuration screen with options to rename Connector.

Choose action

Choose which action to perform and provide Pipeline Ids if necessary. Currently, the integration supports contact search and pipeline reporting actions.

Authorize Connector

Fill in your account credentials to be able to access its data (User code and API token can be found in your account's settings).

Please, note that we don't collect or store this info in any way, and it is removed from your local storage when you delete the Connector or reset the Add-on)

Customize behaviour

Finally, choose the Connector's behaviour – if it should run only on explicit interaction or automatically and if the Add-on should display fetched info by default.

Manual Connectors reduce loading times with multiple accounts or integrations configured and help your control traffic on slow or metered connections

Use multiple accounts

As you can use multiple accounts simultaneously, every configured Connector not set to run by default is placed in a list of Connectors with a label on the right that indicates its state:

foundMatching contact is found
manualWill search after click
errorError occurred (or not logged in)

Display | No contacts

When an email is opened, the Add-on searches user's account for records that match sender's email address and, if none is found, displays a relevant prompt and a list of possible actions, such as option to add contact.

The Connector will search & display info only if it was set to load by default or explicitly clicked upon (if manual)!

Action | Add contact

You can create a new contact directly from the Add-on. First, last and email fields will be prefilled with info extracted from the currently open message. You will find the experience as close to the CRM environment as possible.

Please, note that only one instance of email, phone or address can be created directly!

Display | Contact info

Once the contact is created (or is found in your account), it is displayed with all the available information, including creation and edit time info (these are initially placed under a spoiler).

You can access every other Connector you have directly from the display screen via the «Other Connectors» section at the bottom!

Action | Edit contact

You can also edit contact info directly from the Add-on or remove it entirely! Changes can be made incrementally – each field can be clicked on and converted to input independently of others.

If a field allows additional configuration, it will be remapped to a list of inputs accordingly.

Display | Pipeline report

If you chose pipeline reporting action when configuring the Connector, a pipeline report will be constructed on either explicit interaction or on default display, containing general contact info, assigned labels and last added note for each contact in a Pipeline.

Only Pipelines with Ids specified during configuration will be shown!

Display | Multiple pipelines

If you have multiple pipelines configured, they will appear one after the other in a collapsed form, which you can expand at your convenience.

Each contact displayed in the report will be presented in a compact view and have a status label on the right.

Note that the pipeline section will only be shown if it has contacts assigned in it