Integrate with Close

Close is a CRM with sales automation, offering email sequences, predictive dialling, lead management and more, aimed at reducing data entry and wait times so you can focus on productive selling.

With Cardin for Gmail Connector for Close you can contextually display your lead’s contacts and activities directly in your inbox!

What can the integration do?

Close Standalone

Main features of the Close Connector and more (such as dedicated first-time experience guiding new users through the setup process and expanded edit capabilities) are available in our recently published Close CRM Standalone Add-on!

Bring Close to Gmail

Add new lead (contact)

When an email is opened, the Add-on searches your account for records that match the sender’s (or primary recipient’s) email address and, if no records are found, allows you to create one just as you would do in Close.

The Connector will search & display info only if it was set to load by default or is explicitly clicked on (if manual)!

Create first opportunity

If you turned on creation of an initial opportunity in settings, if no leads match the opened email, you will have an option to create an opportunity bundled with the newly created lead.

Initial opportunity creation is available in lead view only!

Display lead (contact) info

If a lead or contact (in contact view) matches sender’s or primary recipient’s email address, info available will be displayed in the first section.

Edit Leads in CRM

Edit lead (contact) info

Most of the lead and contact info can be edited directly in the Add-on – and updates can be made incrementally without the need to enter full edit mode.

Perform Actions

Close integration has a number of actions that you can perform on a matched lead or contact (they can be found on the topmost section of the display)

Traverse leads (contacts)

If more than one lead mathed the open email, you will be able to traverse results by clicking on back or forward arrow (leads and contacts are sorted by last updated time)

Refresh results

If you made changes in Close app or just want to get the most recent info after being offline for a while, just click on the refresh icons to query your account again.

Send bulk updates

By default, all updates made to lead or contact are applied immediately. If you turned off this feature in settings, you can make all the changes you need and then send them to your account when ready.

Remove leads (contacts)

If you added one by mistake or a lead is no longer relevant, it can be removed without leaving your inbox! The Add-on will ask you for confirmation to prevent accidental sensitive changes to your account.

View extra info

If available, lead and contact will have additional info displayed in several initially collapsed sections, including taks, opportunities, contacts (for lead view), activities and custom fields).

View activities

Lead or contact activities (sorted from newest to latest) are displayed in a dedicated section and can be incrementally fetched as needed (initially, 8 latest ones will be shown).

Each activity type has distinct representation and additional info to display if available (e.g. duration for calls, template name and deeplink for emails).

Edit email templates
Traverse multiple-page activity lists

Use Multiple Accounts

Multiple accounts are supported – each non-default one will be placed in a list with helpful status label indicating its status:

found – a lead (contact) matched
no match – no lead or contact matched
login – couldn’t access your account

Configure Close


You can set whatever name you like (it doesn’t need to be unique if using multiple accounts).

Empty names will default to “Close”

Enable actions

You can decide what data will be queried and displayed by choosing which actions are enabled.

Note that by default all actions are turned on!

Invalid API key

If you provided an invalid API key or lost access to your account, the Add-on will promptly notify you and provide with helpful tips on how to proceed.

Enable initial opportunity

If turned on, leads will be created with a bundled opportunity (you can change this anytime)

Enable autoupdate

If turned on, changes made to lead or contact info will be applied as input loses focus, otherwise you can apply them as needed.

Choose view

View option lets you decide between familiar native (lead-centric) and contact-oriented layout


For Cardin to query your account, we need an API key, which can be found or created in your account’s settings.

We don’t collect or store this info in any way, and it is removed from your local storage when you delete the Connector or reset the Add-on)

Choose behaviour

Finally, customize the Connector behaviour by choosing whether to invoke it manually for each opened email (can be useful on metered connections) and if it should be run by default.

Default Connectors will always show results in the dashboard as soon as you open an email!


Invalid API key

If you provided an invalid API key or lost access to your account, the Add-on will promptly notify you and provide with helpful tips on how to proceed.

Limit Reached

If your current plan doesn’t allow you to make more calls to Close API, you can wait until daily limit resets or upgade to a plan with a higher cap.