Integrate with Creatio

formerly bpm'online

Creatio combines marketing, sales and service management in a single CRM platform creating one environment for the whole cycle – from acquiring perspective leads to providing high-end service to long-term customers.

With the Cardin for Gmail Creatio Connector, you have full access to Creatio customer and CRM records, without leaving your inbox!

What can the integration do?

Use multiple accounts

As you can use multiple accounts simultaneously, every configured Connector not set to run by default is placed in a list of Connectors with a label on the right that indicates its state:

FoundA contact matched contextual info
No matchNo record is found in your account
ErrorInvalid credentials and other issues

No contacts matched

When an email is opened, the Add-on searches user’s account for records that match sender’s (or primary recipient’s in sent context) email and, if none is found, displays a relevant prompt and a list of possible actions (if available).

The Connector will search & display info only if it was set to load by default or explicitly clicked upon (if manual)!

Display contact info

If a match is found in your account’s contacts, the Add-on will display relevant info and, if available, provide you with contextual actions.

Currently, we support display of general contact information, background, notes and references to social media profiles.

If your contact prefers to exclude one or more of communication channels, you will be notified of that via «don’t email» or «don’t call» labels.

Note that you can access all your other Connectors in right form the display under the «Other Connectors» section


After choosing Creatio as your new Connector type, you will be presented with a configuration screen, where you can customize and authorize it to access your account.

For the Add-on to be able to query your data, configuration screen will ask you to provide us with your personal domain name (you should’ve received it when creating a Creatio account).

If you input a non-existent domain name or try to access an inactive one, the Add-on will display a relevant prompt when invoked

You can authorize the Add-on to access your account by providing your credentials (otherwise we won’t be able to make requests on your behalf).

Please, note that Cardin doesn’t collect or store this info in any way, and it is removed from your local storage when you delete the Connector or reset the Add-on)

Finally, you can customize how your new Connector behaves by setting it be invoked on explicit user interaction only (can be useful on metered connections) and whether it should be displayed be default.

If you choose to display Connector by default, your invocation type setting will be overridden, and the Connector will query your account and display results directly in the dashboard!