Integrate with 1CRM

1CRM is all-in-one, highly customizable solution for your daily activities, supporting task tracking, order management, marketing automation, customer service, analytics and more. With Cardin for Gmail Connector for 1CRM you can access your contacts and activities without leaving your inbox!

What can the integration do?


Choose name

After choosing 1CRM as the Connector type, a configuration screen will be displayed allowing you to to customize its name, behaviour and authorize access to your account.

Set account name

In order to query your account, you will be asked to provide us with your account name.

Authorize Connector

You can authorize the Add-on to access your account by providing your credentials (so we can make requests to 1CRM on your behalf)

Please, note that we don't collect or store this info in any way, and it is removed from your local storage when you delete the Connector or reset the Add-on)

Customize behaviour

Finally, you can customize how the Connector behaves by setting it to be invoked manually (can be useful on metered connections) or whether your prefer it to run by default.

If you choose to display Connector by default, your 1CRM Connector will always display results directly in the dashboard when you open an email!

Use multiple accounts

Multiple accounts are supported simultaneously. Each configured Connector that is not set to run by default is placed in a list of Connectors with a label on the right that indicates its state:

found – a contact matched contextual info;
manual – the Connector will be run only after click;
error – an error occurred (including no access to account).

Please note that these informational labels are only shown on Connectors that are set to run automatically!

Display | No contacts

When an email is opened, the Add-on searches your account for records that match the sender's email address and, if no records are found in 1CRM, displays a relevant prompt and a list of possible actions (if available), such as the option to add contact (will open a contact form in 1CRM automatically prefilled with the email, first and last name information extracted from the message!).

The Connector will search & display info only if it was set to load by default or is explicitly clicked upon (if set to manual)!

Display | Contact info

If a match is found in your account's contacts, the Add-on will display the relevant associated info and, if available, provide you with contextual actions.

The first section consists of multiple subsections, the first one containing general info about the contact and primary and secondary emails.

Note that if the contact is marked 'Opted Out' of the emails, a prompt will be shown on the right and 'create a draft on click' will not be enabled

The second subsection contains phone records for the contact by type: work, mobile, home and other.

If a number is marked unavailable, a «don't call» label will display on the right, as shown here.

The third subsection contains primary and secondary addresses if provided and an option to open the contact in CRM environment to edit (the Add-on will be reloaded after the edit tab or pop-up is closed).

Contact creation and last edit dates are available under an expanded section, which is closed by default

The second section contains employment info (will be omitted entirely if not specified), including company and department detail.

The third section displays background info such as birthday and the contact description (the latter can be as long as you like, but we encourage you to keep it brief as it might be truncated.

Display | Activities

If you have any scheduled activities, another section will be appended at the end, containing activities for the next 7 days (this restriction allows us to keep the total information displayed within Google limitations).

Activities are sorted by type (call, meeting, project task, and task) and then by start date. If location is available, it will be displayed as well.


The 1CRM API access is specific to your account, so if you leave it blank (and we provide this option to allow you to keep the Connector until the account is changed or restored, in case you lose access), the Add-on will prompt you to fill it out the next time you try to open it.

If you entered invalid credentials or otherwise lose access to your account, you will be prompted to update your credentials.

If you created, but not yet configured an account (or if your pricing plan is Startup or Startup+), we won't be able to query it. In this case you will be prompted to either login and perform initial setup or upgrade your subscription.