Connect to

With Cardin, you can bring useful data from multiple Cloud Apps and workflow tools directly to your inbox! Having everything you need to know about the email sender right under your fingertips is just a couple of clicks away – just create a Connector to your favourite source and you are good to go.

Less Annoying CRM

Sync contact and company info and get pipeline reports from simple CRM tailored for small businesses and make it even less annoying by staying in your inbox!


Bring your Pipedrive account straight to Gmail – whether you want to see detailed contact info or assigned deals and activities without leaving your inbox – our Pipedrive Connector is the right tool for the job!


Directly access your QuickBooks account from Gmail – want to see outstanding invoice or bill information related to a customer or supplier that you just received an email from? No need to interrupt your flow!


Get and send data from and to literally hundreds of different endpoint applications, be it QuickBooks, MailChimp, Trello, Outlook and much more – and have all of them at your fingertips at the same time while you traverse your daily mail!