What We Do

Cardinsoft add-on templates for Gmail and Outlook. 

Google and Microsoft added added modern JavaScript-based inbox add-on frameworks to Gmail and Outlook respectively in 2017. They work on web, mobile, and in the case of Outlook, the desktop apps for PC and Mac.  These inbox add-ons replace the legacy Firefox and Chrome extensions for Gmail and COM extensions for Outlook, bringing much-improved cross-platform support and security.  

Cardinsoft has developed an architecture which greatly accelerates the development of Gmail and Outlook add-ons.   At the client side we have Gmail and Outlook add-on templates which are able to render the same UI by receiving a JSON object returned from a cloud function.  The cloud function (e.g. Azure Function, Google Cloud Function, Amazon Lambda, etc.) is triggered by the add-on sending a POST message with details of the message (e.g. FROM, CC, etc.) and then makes the calls to the target application (e.g. to a CRM to search for matching records).  The cloud function contains the logic to generate a response in the defined JSON schema which the Gmail and Outlook add-ons can render.  So cloud function can be written in any language (e.g. Node.js, Python, etc.) and will support both Gmail and Outlook add-ins.  Virtually no knowledge of Gmail or Outlook add-on development is needed because only minimal configuration of the add-on is needed (e.g. name, logo, cloud function endpoint, auth, etc.) 

We license the source code of the Gmail and Outlook add-on templates, and can also build the cloud function code for you as well as submit add-ons to the Gmail and Outlook marketplaces.  Cardinsoft can help you save time/money, reduce risk, and provide your users with a great experience out of the box.  Drop us a note at info@cardinsoft.com and we’d be happy to discuss the specifics of your project and provide a quote.